Diversity in Living World MCQs Question | NEET Biology Papers

Diversity in Living World MCQs Question
Diversity in Living World MCQs Question for NEET Biology Preparation. Here we discuss on Characteristic of Living Organism, Classification and Taxonomic Categories, Taxonomical Aids for NEET Examination. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Sample Papers will give an idea about the examination. Candidates are advised to practice old and previous papers to know about the syllabus. All objective and MCQ questions are in model practice set for best preparation.

1. Term 'New Systematics' was given by-
A. Julian Huxley
B. Bateson
C. Linnaeus
D. Darwin

2. Taxonomic group of any rank is -
A. taxon
B. tribe
C. race
D. variety

3. Which of the following is correctly sequenced?
A. phylum class, order, family
B. phylum, order, class, genus
C. phylum, class, family, order
D. phylum, order, family, class

4. Family placed between-
A. genus and species
B. order and class
C. class and genus
D. order and genus

5. Phylogenetic system of classification is based on
A. Biochemical properties
B. Evolutionary relationship
C. Quantitative assessment of similarities and differences between organisms
D. Cytological characters

6. Taxon is the unit of-
A. Taxonomy
B. Genus
C. Order
D. Species

7. Which suffix is used in the name of family?
A. inae
B. oidae
C. aceae
D. incae

8. The father of modern taxonomy-
A. Aristotle
B. Carl Linnaeus
C. Theophrastus
D. None of them

9. "Systema Naturae' was written by-
A. Ernst Mayr
B. Carlous Linnaeus
C. RH Whittaker
D. WM Stanley

10. In fish Catla catla the specific name is identical with generic name, thus it is an example of-
A. Autonym
B. Tautonym
C. Synonym
D. homonym

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